Ph.D. Degree – Timeline

The Ph.D. Degree Programs (with previous M.A. credited) includes the following steps until degree completion. 

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Ph.D. Degree - With Previous M.A.

STEP #1Competency Review

Course Study: Root-Cause Analysis

Demonstrate competency by completing the final exams of these foundational courses (course study if needed):
  • 102 LPHC-LIMED1 | Lifestyle Medicine I – The Science
  • 104 LPHC-SELFHE | The Art and Science of Self-Healing
  • 105 LPHC-ROOTA1 | 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process I
  • 106 LPHC-OMBAN1 | Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts)
  • 107 LPHC-QHABIT | Quantum Habits for Peak Performance
  • 109 LPHC-ENEPSY | Energy Psychology Precision EFT I
  • 110 LPHC-EMOBEL | Emotion, Belief, Values, Energy Health Coaching
  • 111 LPHC-QNBTE | Quantum-Neuro-Biology Techniques
  • 201 LPHCS-OMBAN2 | Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy II (Directory)
  • 202 LPHCS-LPMENT | Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Mental & Behavior Health
  • 205 LPHCS-LIMED2 | Lifestyle Medicine II – Food, Exercise, Stress, Sleep

Practicum I: Root-Cause Analysis

Attend the 3-Month Live Class Online Practicum (either March 15–June 15 or Sept. 15–Dec. 15) to practice the:

  • 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process
  • Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
  • Differential Analysis and Client Cases

Practicum II: Root-Cause Health Coaching

In this 3-Month Live Class Practicum (either March 15–June 15 or Sept. 15–Dec. 15) students learn techniques to help clients improve mind-body habits including:

  • Release unresolved emotional hurts
  • Reset and decode sensory stress triggers
  • Establish empowering beliefs
  • Increase resilience, love & support
  • Create healthy mind-body habits and vitality

Practicum I: Lifestyle Medicine Protocols

Master advanced skills in this 3-Month Training (either March 15–June 15 or Sept. 15–Dec. 15; can be attended while working on Ph.D. research & dissertation) including:

  • Lifestyle Medicine Protocols (Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness)
  • Functional Medicine Blood Analysis & Remedies
  • Advanced Stress, Emotion, Belief Habit Change techniques
  • Quantum Energy Healing Methods
  • Extensive client cases and supervision

Practicum I: Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy

This 3-Month Skills Intensive Training can be taken while working on the Ph.D. (either March 15–June 15 or Sept. 15–December 15) and includes:

  • Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
  • Conflicts, Emotions, Beliefs & Lifestyle Habits affecting 1,000+ symptoms
  • Root-Cause Differential Analysis
  • Extensive client cases and supervision
STEP #5Research & Dissertation

Ph.D. Degree Courses and Dissertation

Earn your doctorate degree by completing essential courses, research a topic of your choice, write and complete your dissertation.

  • 501 PHD-ETHICS | Ethics in Healthcare Course
  • 502 PHD-REMETH | Research Methods for the Social Sciences
  • 503 PHD-OMBAN4 | Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy IV (Research)
  • 504 PHD-PRACT4 | Ph.D. Health Coaching Residency & Practicum IV
  • 505 PHD-GRANTS | Grant Writing
  • 506 PHD-DISSWOR | Dissertation Workshop
  • 507 PHD-REPILO | Research Pilot Project
  • 508 PHD-DISSER | Dissertation Research, Writing & Defending
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