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Dr. Kevin Chan, LPU Graduate about Lifestyle Medicine in his clinic (Video)

Here’s the first myth about Lifestyle Medicine: It’s impossible to integrate Lifestyle Medicine into a doctors office, clinic or hospital.

Just not true.

Yes, the current health care structures have been established with emergency and symptom management in mind and typically patients don’t have options. They are not being told that there is a 2nd path for them which is Lifestyle Medicine.

Listen to Dr. Kevin Chan, Lifestyle Prescriptions University graduate, and how he integrates Lifestyle Medicine, Root-Cause Health Coaching based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy into his busy practice.

Dr. Kevin Chan, Pineapple Health Clinic Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Chan is one of many medical specialists willing to do what’s best for his patients which is proving them with a choice that has been proven and has the potential to improve up to 80% of chronic symptoms. But what makes the difference for him and our LPU graduates is that they have the skills and tools to get to the root-causes quickly. 

They know the specific type of psychosocial stressors & lifestyle habits affecting every organ tissue in the body. No guessing, no mind-reading – measurable and data driven factual Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Analysis.

Lifestyle Medicine can be integrated into a medical practice with health coaches support and proper insurance reimbursement.

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