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Sonali Sikdar

Sonali Sikdar Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach
Sonali Sikdar

My Specialty: I am specialized working with people on Heart , Bone and Skin issues; and also Phobias, Anxiety and psychological symptoms.

How I can help you: I deal with Adolescent and Adult life challenges – emotionally, physically and energetically. This includes empowering you to understand and overcome your issues which are based on Anxiety, Fear and depression. Eventually the sessions will help you gather yourself and plug you back into life and relations. I enjoy this work since your life energy is dependent on your point of view. I look forward to helping you empower and rediscover yourself.

About Me: Hello, I am Sonali, Co founder and Integrative Mind-Body Practitioner at CureFeel Clinic@ Mumbai. I empower young adolescents and adults to create emotional freedom and self-healing from physical symptoms or life challenges so that they can find their true selves and lead more happy and life of wellness.

Modalities and Certifications: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, Access Bars Practitioner, Meta-Health® Master Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Mindfulness practitioner, Psychologist and Psychotherapist with REBT – Albert Ellis certification.

Location: In person in Mumbai, India or Online consultations worldwide available via Skype/Zoom.

Languages: English

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071
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