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Rana Nabil Elbaroudi

Rana Nabil Elbaroudi

لاستشارة مجانية ومعرفة المزيد عن كيف يمكنني مساعدتكم أرجو التواصل معي على

How can i help : By raising the awareness we empower ourselves to follow a healthy lifestyle and stress management  strategies that hep us reach more relaxed and calm life journey..

Modalities and certifications: A certified lifestyle prescription practitioner, life coach ,transformational  visualization  practitioner,  peat1 (primordial energy activation transcendence)healing technique can work to remove energetic distortions which neutralizes the emotion.

About me : i have always been passionate about knowledge, lifestyle prescription university had provided me with the kind of knowledge that extended my awareness to various fields of life by which i can help myself and others for a better insight and personal strength and goal setting, we use protocols to find the 6 root causes of  any  symptoms ,in order to reach a healing phase ,technique like EFT(emotional  freedom  technique),peat ,life coaching ,visualization, can help us reach this phase faster than ever .

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