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Pamela Neves

Pamela Neves

My Specialty: My specialty is Functional Health & Emotional Eating Coaching. Create Peace with food and your body so you can finally feel free. My focus is transforming compulsive, crippling emotional eating and its ensuing health challenges. Reversing generational disordered eating. Additionally I work with Mamas on healing their relationships and family dynamics.

How I can help you: I support intuitive, sensitive and capable mothers who want to heal their unhealthy relationship with food and their body. I believe lifestyle, habits, thought patterns and trauma as well as our daily nutrition are intricately linked to both our physical and emotional well being. In working with my clients I address all these aspects for healing to occur.

About Me: As a deeply intuitive child with health challenges, I was drawn to the natural healing world at a young age. Studying herbs, homeopathy, various diet modalities, functional medicine, trauma and Quantum Biology has been a lifetime passion of mine. Whilst also being a busy Mama of many, I’ve learned how to address my health challenges naturally so I can nurture my intuitive side and also live fully in the practical  “get it done” world. I live on a farm with my family where we homeschool, enjoy nature along with numerous four-legged friends.

Modalities and Certifications:

  • Currently  Specialist in training at Lifestyle Prescription University.
  • Licensed Holistic Practitioner #LEHP440
  • Graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Dr Sears Wellness Coach
  • Certifications in Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbology from the American College of Healthcare Sciences
  • Certified Psychology Of Eating Coach
  • Certified Shape Reclaimed Practitioner
  • The Academy for Addiction & Nutrition & Mental Health Certified
  • Health Coach certified through The State University of NY
  • Functional Health Coach certified through The Institute for Functional Health Coaching
  • Am I Hungry Trained for emotional eating and post Bariatric Surgery
  • On going studies at The School of Applied Functional Medicine and Dr Ritamarie LaScalzo and the Academy of Health Sciences focusing on weight management and childhood nutrition

Location: In person in NY, or Online consultations worldwide available via Skype/Zoom.

Languages: English

101 McCagg Road, Valatie, New York 12184
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