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Kim Knight

Kim Knight

My Specialty:

Getting to the root cause of complex health conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post-viral fatigue, adrenal fatigue, burnout and any seemingly inexplicable symptoms of pain or fatigue. Helping people heal childhood trauma and abuse, including bullying, emotional / physical / sexual abuse, so that you get to live guilt-free, happy, healthy and self-empowered. A focus on the emotional causation of physical illness, and how to clear any negative emotional from the body-mind (without having to re-live the trauma).

How I can help you:

In the first ‘exploration’ session we will start to explore the hidden reasons for any unhappiness or illness issues. Then we will decide where to go from there.


To Book: Go to my online calendar to book your first 45 minute Lifestyle Prescriptions ‘Exploration’ Session, which includes complimentary access to my ‘8 Milestones of Self-Healing’ online program (value $97).



About Me: My journey to heal myself from clinical depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic health issues, plus 20 years of professional training in the latest scientific techniques for clearing illness and unhappiness without drugs, has led me to be doing this work today. During my journey back to health I tried over 220 different therapies. At one point I thought I would never get better, but I kept looking for answers and eventually found them. I have a deep understanding of the multiple factors which create illness, and use my intuitive abilities to ‘see’ right through to the core of the problem. I am passionate about showing people how they can heal themselves from the inside out.

Modalities and Certifications: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, The Knight Method of Transformation, Meta Health, Motivational Medicine™, mBIT Multiple Brain Integration, The Emotion Code, Mickel Therapy, Qigong, Zhineng Qigong, Universal Healing Tao Qigong, Chi Nei Tsang, Yuan Gong, Yuan Ming Medicine, Loving your Life Coach, First Light Flower Essences, Bach Flower Essences, AHA Energy Realignment, ACE Advanced Clearing Energetics, Timeline Therapy

Location: Online consultations worldwide available via Skype/Zoom

Languages: English (and working knowledge of German, French, Italian)

Services Offered: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Consultations

2-16 Shipwright Lane, Auckland, Auckland 1010
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10:00 - 15:00

$99.00 - $100.00

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