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Johannes R. Fisslinger

Johannes R. Fisslinger

Helping you resolve chronic symptoms like digestive, muscular-skeletal diseases and other health & life challenges!

How I can help you: Get the the root-cause quickly and motivate you so much, that healing and raising consciousness are the only option!

About Me: I wear many “hats”. Love medical technology including biofeedback and thermography (check out ThermoBuzzer™), teaching Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Trainings to doctors, health care professionals around the world … and helping you live healthier and happier!

Modalities and Certifications: Creator of Lifestyle Prescriptions®,  Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions University, Producer of the Lifestyle Medicine World Summit, Director & producer of  ‘Titans of Yoga’ and ‘Lifestyle Medicine – A Revolutionary New Health Paradigm’, Co-Founder National Yoga Month September, Author “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms”.

Location: Online consultations worldwide available via Skype/Zoom

Languages: English, German (and Bavarian!!!)

Services Offered: Currently no private consultations are offered. Select other highly qualified Lifestyle Prescriptions® and ThermoBuzzer™ Thermography Consultations offering local or online consultations.

2320 Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
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