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Hans Jorgen Poulsen

Hans Jorgen Poulsen

My Specialties: Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Stress Management.

How I can help you: Our bodies turnover of not only what we eat and what we breathe. We are also influenced of our events and how we processes them with our inner responses. We mostly build our own health and vitality through our learned emotional-thinking patterns and our chosen lifestyle. This govern a lot of your outcomes like sucess in carrier, relations, love and health. I work with social, body & mind “E+R=O” (Event +Response = Outcome). I´m designing a session with you along your profile and needs. Within us there are many times unconscious thought and emotional patterns that block us from achieving what we want and hence are each of us unique. This is to be able to live in line with our true inner faith beliefs and values, and to achieve strong and permanent results..

About Me: Already in my younger age, I was interested in this with people’s mindset. Though when I was little I thought the classic psycology was so scaring rigid and tedious boring. It was really first when Wayne W. Dyer came with his first book it became really exciting. The book that made difficult so much easier and I started learn i my own direction.

Modalities and Certifications: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist. Certified as META-Health Trainer, Master Practitioner, NLP-Trainer, Master-practitioner, Mental-Trainer coach, Master”- LAB-profile-“practitioner” (Language & Behavior “META-programs”), ICC-coach.

Location: Online consultations available via Skype/Google Hangout, Fb. In-person – Sweden

Languages: English, Swedish, Danish & Norwegian.

5 Södra Inägogatan, Sannegården, Västra Götalands län 418 76
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