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Gregory Dean

Gregory Dean

My Specialty: Self-Healing through Organ-Mind-Brain Connection

How I can help you: I work with the ‘health’ of your body-mind-social relationships by getting to the the root-cause quickly so that healing takes place.

About Me: I come from a background of medical Esthetics, Reiki energy work, and speaking on a national level. I have always been interested in working with whole health and finding “Cause” verses symptom correction. I found the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Root-Cause Analysis approach during my search for relief of my mom’s symptoms of an Auto-Immune disorder. Finding the META-approach has given me answers that help identify symptom cause, and therefore allow the body to heal.

Modalities and Certifications: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, Licensed Master Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, Usui Reiki levels I -II, META-Health Practitioner.

Location: Online consultations available via Skype/Zoom, In-person – Maryland / DC / USA

Languages: English

Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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