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Deborah Wiggins-Hay

Deborah Wiggins-Hay

My Specialty: HeartMath 1 on 1 trainer in Stress Reduction and Resilience Building; Disease & Health Coach with particular interest in Thyroid and other Endocrine diseases; Developing Creativity; Intuition and Innovation; Musical Performance (including developing healthy patterns of practice & releasing performance anxiety)

How I can help you: Breaking the bonds of Emotional Eating Patterns – specializing in working with severely obese clients and young people; Clearing outdated habits, behaviours and beliefs that are no longer serving us; Personal Development – improving our personal and working relationships, goal setting and confidence building; Spiritual Development – including Ancestral and past life work to assist clearing physical, and adopted patterns of behaviour. As we clear all those energies and learnt behaviours that are not completely ours, we become acquainted with our true self and our purpose

About Me: As a biodynamic Energist I am working to help others in areas such as developing a healthy mind/emotion relationship to eating, returning to physical and/or emotional health with a particular interest in Thyroid disorders and the connection between our emotional and belief systems and our physical diseases. My overall aim is to assist people to be connected to their true selves and embark on the journey of self-discovery and ascension that will bring them into a flowing harmony within their own systems and an understanding and connection to their purpose and place within the world.

Modalities and Certifications: EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Birth Re-imprinting, Meta Health Coach, Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Crystal Moon Essences, Reflexology, Colour Reflexology, Biodynamic Energist

Location: United Kingdom

Languages: English

Services Offered: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Consultations

1 Kings Orchard, Lea, England HR9 7JY
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