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Christa Krahnert ND

Christa Krahnert ND

My Specialty: Root Cause Analysis, Biochemistry, Nutrigenetic/Microbiome, Epigenetic and Trauma Release.

Over 30 years of Professional Guidance in finding the way out of disease, disorientation and suffering.

How I can help You:

I offer a safe Space for Healing, not only with Knowledge, but with Presence  and Empathy.

Together we find the root cause and the level at which your discomfort in life has manifested itself. We examine individual ways and means for you, so that you can be completely healthy and to enjoy your life again. Each session will unfold its own unique healing space, as each person not only has their own life tasks but also always has the solution within them to be discovered.

About Me: Psychotherapist since 1993 and a German Naturopath, specialized in supporting people with cancer and chronic disease since 1995. Professional Teacher and Speaker with different health topics worldwide since 1997. I am co-author of “Process Orientated Cancer Therapy”, published in 2001!
Trained as a Sensitive and Spiritual Healer able to look beyond the visible – sitting weekly in 2 training circles for over 10 years. As a Certified Holistic Counsellor I love people and the deep seeded creative potential that belongs to every single individual..

Modalities and Certifications:

  • Psychotherapy at Paracelsus Academy Stuttgart Germany with official Accreditation
  • Study and official Accreditation of Naturopathy in Germany
  • Certificate in Holistic Counseling, The Awakening Group, Brisbane Australia
  • Certified Neurographica® Specialist
  • Neurographica® Trainer in training
  • `Vortex-Pulsor` Energy Therapist, Centre for Vital Energetic, Switzerland and Accreditation with Dr. George Yao (Founder of stockings, Pulsors, Coating for space shuttles and more), Florida USA
  • Training in Darkfield Diagnosis and Isopathy with Dr. med. Werthmann in Austria
  • Training in `German New Medicine` with HP Mohr in Germany and Dr. med. Gert Ryke Hamer, Malaga – Spain
  • LifestylePrescriptions® Provider and Specialist
  • Omega Health-Coach™, Omega Life-Coach™ and Emotional Balance™ with Dr. Roy Martina, in Germany and Netherlands
  • LEB®/S, Sensitive Life-Energy-Coach, Sensitivity- and Healer Training with Knauss/Sonnenschmidt.
  • Miasmatic Homeopathy with Dr. med. Peter Gienow, in Germany
  • Psycho-Kinesiology® after Dr. med. Klinghardt USA
  • Human-Design®, 64 keys Analyst®, Penta-Design®, Health-Design®, Venus- und Pearl-Design® Analyst and Coaching, Austria
  • Colour and Light Therapy, Ionised Air Therapy with Geomed Australia
  • Coach and Master Trainer for META-Health® Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Coach and Trainer for Bi-Lo PS®, Meta-Scan® and Delta-Scan®
  • Certified Orthomolecular Therapist, Biochemistry and Nutrigenetics
  • Isopathy based on Pleomorphism the science of the Microbiome, Dr. med. Werthmann, Austria
  • Coach and Trainer for Biological Decoding for Doctors and Naturopaths
  • Founder and Trainer together with Rolf Krahnert for Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual Health – BIPSS®
  • Development and Training for Bi-LoPS® (Integration of Biological Connections and innovative bio-energetic, non-linear systems for Diagnosis and Therapy) in Germany
  • Talks and Lectures about „Process Oriented Cancer Therapy“ for Doctors and Naturopaths at the Educational Centre for `Raum und Zeit` Wolfratshausen, Munich Germany, together with Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt and Dr. Heinrich Kremer (author of „The Cancer and AIDS Revolution).

Location: Online consultations worldwide via  Zoom.

Languages: German, English

Services Offered: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist Consultations, Holistic Counselling and Mentoring, Naturopathy

5 Kite Crescent, Thornlands, Queensland 4164
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