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Afshan Tafler

Afshan Tafler

Afshan Tafler is a Whole Life Coach who helps you discover your power to transform your health and your life by healing all parts of you – Mind, Body and Soul. Through a combination of Mind-Body Coaching and transformational, scientifically proven energy psychology and quantum neurobiology techniques, her expertise is to help you reprogram your mind and body for optimal health.

Afshan is also a mom to a special needs child and is a proponent and Coach of Conscious Parenting. She was featured on the Mindful World Parenting Summit, Beyond Parenthood Summit, Thriving Children Summit and PRO Parent Summit, and is passionate about helping parents with sensitive and spirited children to thrive in their relationship with their child.

You can learn more about Afshan and her Chronic Illness Coaching and Conscious Parenting Coaching services at

362 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario
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