University Success Skills

Establish results driven habits setting you up for success and completion of your degree.

This course provides new students with an orientation to academic studies and Lifestyle Prescriptions® University specifically. Students will be guided step-by-step from the initial login, profile setup, study guidelines, progressing and completing courses and finally earning the M.A. and/or Ph.D. degree.

This course works to build more capable lifelong learners by combining conceptual knowledge with practical strategies and skills. With engaging content and a focus on applying course concepts to real-world situations, University Success is particularly helpful for first-generation and adult students.

Curriculum & Outcomes

The content, assignments, assessments and exams have been designed to achieve the course learning outcomes.

Course content and outcomes focus on:

  1. Welcome & Setup
    • Student Portal Mobile Setup
    • Student Profile Setup
    • Activity Stream, Discussion Groups & Messages
  2. Degree Success
    • Motivating Success
    • Your Mission & Vision
    • Career Exploration
    • Goal Setting and Time Management
    • Live Classes & Practicum
    • Ethics & Student Interaction
  3. Course Overview
    • Courses, Lessons, Topics & Quizzes
    • Learning Styles and Strategies
    • Study Skills
    • Beyond the Classroom
  4. Well-being, Health & Growth
    • Integration & Practice
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Emotional & Mental Health
    • Financial Health
    • Social Support
  5. Start Your Degree Journey

Degree Credits

By completing this course students will earn 5 ECTS study credits which can be applied towards the Integrated Master’s Degree Program.

Accreditations & Certificates

A course certificate of completion will be provided.

Admission Requirements

This course is open to all Integrative Master’s Degree students.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Contact us for a detailed overview of the course tuition including potential credits, financial aid and sponsorship options.

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • Course Certificate