ThermoBuzzer Imaging Analysis Training

Thermography infrared imaging scan analysis for health coaches.

ThermoBuzzer™ integrates cutting-edge mobile and infrared thermography imaging technology to visually show surface heat patterns, stress imbalances and unconscious psycho-social habits (via the autonomic nervous system). ThermoBuzzer is an invaluable tool for you to attract and invite more clients, monitor their ongoing progress, increase compliance and empower them to heal and thrive.

This training course will teach you how to use ThermoBuzzer with clients, how to read thermography images and strategies how to integrate it with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching.

Key ThermoBuzzer benefits are:

  • Cutting-edge “visual” monitoring and imaging technology
  • Show imbalances years before symptoms manifest
  • Indicates under/over function, stress, inflammation, asymmetries of organs, acupressure & trigger points
  • Empower clients, increase motivation and compliance
  • Add additional income streams to your practice

What’s Included

The ThermoBuzzer Certification Training is included in the ThermoBuzzer Imaging System which includes the following hardware, software and service items:

  • ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography Infrared Imaging System (install to any Android Tablet or Smartphone)
  • ThermoBuzzer™ Lifetime Software UpdatesWarranty & Support
  • ThermoBuzzer™ Technician & Analysis Training – Extensive training to operate ThermoBuzzer and produce high quality thermal images Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook supervision & support community
  • 24/7 Hardware and Software support for 3 years
  • Personal support from the Lifestyle Prescriptions University faculty and support team

You can use ThermoBuzzer with any Android smartphone or tablet.

Learning Outcomes Analysis Training

You’ll learn how to integrate ThermoBuzzer into your work with clients, use the 3-Step Analysis process including (1) factual temperature analysis, (2) clients feeling and becoming aware of the stress & energy imbalances (3) Coaching using your existing methods, referring a client to a health professional and/or writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®.


ThermoBuzzer training lessons include:

  • TB1 – ThermoBuzzer™ Analysis Course – Welcome Video
  • TB2 – Anatomy and Physiology
  • TB3 – Acupuncture, Acupressure & Trigger Points
  • TB4 – Medical Thermography Research
  • TB5 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz
  • TB6 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Ear
  • TB7 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Nasal/Gustatory
  • TB8 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Skeletal System
  • TB9 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Reproductive System
  • TB10 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Digestive System Pt.1
  • TB11 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Digestive System Pt.2
  • TB12 – ThermoBuzzer™ – Anatomy Quiz: Respiratory/Circulatory System
  • TB13 – Thermography Analysis Principles
  • TB14 – The 3 main color palettes and using the color palette slider
  • TB15 – Basic Analysis Principles – Hyper/Hypo/Iso-Thermia
  • TB16 – Thermography Analysis Locations
  • TB17 – ThermoBuzzer™ Scan Image Example
  • TB18 – ThermoBuzzer Scan Images: Tennis Elbow, Arm
  • TB19 – ThermoBuzzer Scan Images: Tooth Ache, Ear, TJM
  • TB20 – ThermoBuzzer Analysis – Before/After Energy Therapy
  • TB21 – Establishing a Baseline and Color Palette Differences
  • TB22 – ThermoBuzzer Scan Images from Manual – Explained
  • TB23 – Scan Examples: Spine/Upper Back Pain and Major Hand Imbalances
  • TB24 – 4 Worksheets and Forms
  • TB25 – ThermoBuzzer™ Analysis Worksheet
  • TB26 – ThermoBuzzer™ Manual
  • TB27 – ThermoBuzzer™ Image In-depth Analysis Handbook

This certification training include live practice and supervision classes.

In addition you’ll receive extensive technical training to learn how to operate ThermoBuzzer in a variety of settings with your Android smartphone or tablet.

Secure Your ‘City Exclusive’

To ensure your success we offer a limited exclusive territory agreement. It’s important for us that you’re becoming the go-to-leader in your community and that you’ll offer high quality and ThermoBuzzer Thermography Scans with Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coaching. Talk to us how to secure your city exclusive.

Accreditations & Certificates

After successful completion you’ll be certified as a ThermoBuzzer Imaging Practitioner through the non-profit Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation.

Degree Program

By completing this course students will earn 10 ECTS study credits which can be applied towards the B.S. Bachelor Degree Program.

Admission Requirements

ThermoBuzzer Imaging has been developed specifically for health coaches, therapists, natural-integrative-functional medicine and energy psychology practitioners, wellness & spa owners and peak performance and business coaches.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Apply here to request tuition details for the ThermoBuzzer Imaging System and Training including financial aid and sponsorship options. 

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • Course Certificate