Quantum-Neuro-Biology Techniques

A root-cause process to unlock your brain’s neuroplasticity & rewrite your "software" for peak performance.

Quantum-Neuro-Biology is the science of how Quantum Information and Energy (thought & emotions) interacts with our Neurology (brain & neural pathways) and shapes our Biology (cells & organ tissues).

The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique is a root-cause based health coaching process to create awareness and transform unconscious, unhealthy habits.

Specifically, the Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique guides clients through a non-invasive, transformational process to reset habitual triggers [neuro], reprograms stress trigger information and energy [quantum] and resets the body [biology] to auto-regulate and shine naturally.

The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique has been developed by Lifestyle Prescriptions® University faculty members with a deep knowledge of the Art and Science of Self-Healing, Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis and Energy Psychology.

Every symptom in our body is directly linked to a specific organ tissue, stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habit. Symptoms and flows through 9 points & phases of self-healing.

During the QNB sequence clients are guided through a five-step process allowing them to unlock the brain’s neuroplasticity, rewrite their internal limbic-neural programming and therefore increasing auto-regulation and peak performance.

How does QNB work?

The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique is an five-phase health coaching approach combining eye movement neuro decoding, multi-lateral stimulation, breathing, mindfulness, forgiveness, tapping and reframing to help clients in resetting and reprogramming unconscious, unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Quantum-Neuro-Biology Self-Healing Technique Reprogram your brain and habits

The goal of QNB is to let the brain and quantum information processing system develop new neural internal connections while the client is focusing on the stress trigger, emotions, thoughts, memories and sensory associations and therefore increase auto-regulation and empowering automated habits.

Limbic and neural associations will be released (stress triggers), energetic charge (emotions) will diminish followed by Organ-Mind-Brain balancing effects.

The 3 QNB Levels

The three Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique Levels are:

  1. Level 1: QNB Habit Encoding
    Use the QNB sequence to encode a new habit and anchor it through the use of Lifestyle Prescriptions® resilience.
  2. Level 2: QNB 5-Step Root-Cause Process
    Transforming a Quantum Habit and the precise root-cause triggers (VAKOGS), unresolved emotional hurts, limiting beliefs and neural pathways affecting a specific Quantum-Neuro-Biology process (based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy).
  3. Level 3: QNB Precision & Advanced Skills
    Master QNB by adding precision to the root-cause QNB encoding process using advanced habit techniques and skills.

The 5 QNB Steps – Level 2

The QNB process Level 2 includes:

  • Step 1: Root-Cause Analysis
    Elicit the unhealthy habit based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy. Define the information (thoughts) and energy (emotion) and the stressful memory and create a safe and empowering environment for the client.
  • Step 2: QNB Habit Awareness
    The client is guided to bring the stress trigger memory with associated emotions and thoughts and sensory associations into awareness.
  • Step 3: QNB Resource Anchor
    A new resourceful state with the desired empowering habit is being established.
  • Step 4: QNB Decoding Process
    New associations emerge by coaching the client to desensitize and decode the old unconscious, unhealthy habit and behavior using multi-lateral stimulation, eye movements, cerebral sound vibrations, somatic visualization, tapping and reframing skills.
  • Step 5: QNB Anchor New Quantum Habit
    After the internal quantum-neuro-biology decoding process is complete the client will integrate and practice the new behavior by receiving a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Quantum-Habit.

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

In this course students dive into the Quantum-Neuro-Biology Connection, learn and practice root-cause-based techniques to coach and guide clients with unhealthy habits and behaviors.

Students will be able to integrate Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis Process and the Quantum-Neuro-Biology Techniques, a synergy of energy psychology techniques including eye movement desensitization, multi-lateral stimulation, breathing, mindfulness, forgiveness, tapping and reframing, into a new transformational health coaching technique.

Quantum-Neuro-Biology Self-Healing Technique Reprogram your brain and habits

After completion of this course students will be have a solid understanding of the Quantum-Neuro-Biology Connection, the 3 key principles of the Art and Science of Self-Healing based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and they’ll be able to use the QNB Techniques in their work with clients.

Admission Requirements

This course is available for health professionals and enrolled Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s Degree Program students.

Pre-requisites (Optional)

This course includes all steps, scripts, techniques & worksheets needed to integrate QNB effectively into your work with clients. If you’ve joined our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach or Integrated Master’s Degree Program we suggest to complete the following courses first:

Certification Requirements

Students are required to show competency in the QNB Techniques by completing the following requirements:

  • Complete all course work, assignments and quizzes
  • Practice QNB with 20+ clients
  • Submit 5 client cases for review and feedback
  • Complete the QNB Final Exam

A certificate of completion will be provided.

Degree Credits

This Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique course awards 5 ECTS credits which can be applied towards the Bachelor’s and Integrated M.A. Degree Program.

Tuition & Financial Aid

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • Course Certificate