301 | MA-OMBAN3

Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy III (Master’s)

Practice and master Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy to improve Root-Cause Analysis skills.

In this course students will deepen and master Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, the relationship between specific organ tissues, biological conflicts, embryology and how these organ tissues react during stress and regeneration.

In this advanced course students will focus especially on practical application of Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy in Lifestyle Medicine, Root-Cause Health Coaching or clinical settings.

Directory Research

At a Master’s level the assumption for course participants are:

  • Students work daily with clients in their own practice, a health center, a doctors office or any other setting
  • Students incorporate Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy with every client
  • Students is independently researching the current OMBA Directory and suggests additions or edits to the OMBA review board.
  • Students develop their own Lifestyle Medicine and Root-Cause Health Coaching protocols for specific OMBA processes

Directory Research

The Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Reference Directory is constantly updated by our faculty and specialists.

Master’s and Ph.D. degree (after completion of the LPHC and LPHC Specialist levels (2 years) are encouraged to help improve and expand the OMBA directory by submitting edits, new findings and additions for all organ tissue parameters listed:

  • Brain Relay
  • Conflict Theme / Stress Triggers
  • Emotions and Beliefs
  • Reframing Suggestions
  • Stress Phase Symptoms
  • Regeneration Phase Symptoms (incl. healing peak)
  • Biological meaning of organ tissue reactions
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Constellations (psychological behaviors)
  • Additional relevant information
  • Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

The curriculum includes:

  • Self-Study of organ tissue topics
  • Assignments to deepen study
  • Support and learning through study groups

After completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Feel confident in Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
  • Have researched and verified it with clients and self
  • Are able to decode complex symptoms and disorders
  • Integrate Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy deeply with the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process
  • Develop their own protocols for specific OMBA processes

Admission Requirements

This course can be accessed Integrative Master’s and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree Programs students (after 2 years of study & practice).

Degree Credits

By completing this course students will earn 5 ECTS study credits which can be applied towards the Integrated Master’s degree program.

Accreditations & Certificates

A course certificate of completion will be provided.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Contact us for a detailed overview of the course tuition including tuition credits, financial aid and sponsorship options.

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • Course Certificate