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Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts)

Explore stress, emotions, beliefs, conflicts & lifestyle habits of 100+ organ tissues.

This course explores the connection between biological stress, emotions, habitual beliefs and social conflict situations and their effect on specific organ tissues.

“One of the most loved and transformational resources for Health Professionals!”

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

By using the Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts students will learn the self-healing mechanisms of over 150 organ tissues including hundreds of symptoms as part of the stress and regeneration phase and healing peak. The conflict themes, brain relay connection and specific emotions & thoughts that trigger these organ tissues are being reviewed and explored.

Course content and outcomes cover:

  • Course Overview & Outcomes
  • Module 1: Skeletal System
  • Module 2: Digestive System
  • Module 3: Circulatory System
  • Module 4: Respiratory System
  • Module 5: Endocrine System
  • Module 6: Excretory Systems
  • Module 7: Reproductive Systems
  • Module 8: Sensory System System

This course covers the main body systems including Skeletal, Digestive, Circulatory & Respiratory, Endocrine, Excretory & Reproductive and Sensory System including quizzes and assignments.

The content, assignments, assessments and exams have been designed to achieve the course learning outcomes.

Reference Charts & Posters

Students will receive high quality printed reference charts & posters (via priority mail) as part of this course. This invaluable tool is used by over 1,000 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches and Practitioners worldwide on a daily basis with clients.

Just imagine a client shares a symptom with you and just by asking a few questions you know exactly:

  • Which specific stress trigger, emotion, thoughts & lifestyle habits affect this specific organ tissue and symptom.
  • You know the timeline and where your client is at this moment through the 9 Points & Phases of Auto-Regulation and Self-Healing
  • The biological purpose and meaning behind mind-body symptoms and why we want to work with our body’s natural healing intelligence instead of against it.

The Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts list over 1,000 symptoms and 150 organ tissue) and will help you radically improve client compliance and health outcomes.

Degree Credits

By completing this course students will earn 5 ECTS study credits which can be applied towards the Integrated Master’s  Degree.

Accreditations & Certificates

A course certificate of attendance will be provided.

Admission Requirements

This course is open to all Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Integrated Master’s Degree students.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Contact us for a detailed overview of the course tuition including potential credits, financial aid and sponsorship options.

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • Course Certificate