Microbiome, Microbes & Immunity

The importance of our microbiome, mitochondria and natural remedies to increase gut, body, mind health.

In this course students will learn a variety of evidence-based perspectives about the microbiome, germ vs. terrain theory, Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and Microbes which will help understand the current state of science and its deeply rooted implications for health care.

The microbiome (or microbiota) describes either the collective genomes of the microorganisms that reside in an environmental niche or the microorganisms themselves. They include bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses and are crucial for immunologic, hormonal and metabolic homeostasis.

Science starts to understand the importance of natural, active immunity and how nutrition, remedies and lifestyle habits may improve auto-regulation of the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS), microbiome and mitochondria balance.

This course provides practitioners with a solid foundation based on newest research of the microbiome which in turn will expand the old model of fearing or fighting viruses, bacteria or fungi with an integrative, auto-regulation “natural, active-immunity” based model of health care.

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

Course lessons have been designed to help students achieve the learning outcomes including:

  • What’s the importance of our Microbiome, Microbiota & Micro-organisms.
  • The difference between virology vs. immunology.
  • A unifying perspective towards the Germ vs. Terrain Microbes Model.
  • What is active vs. passive immunology.
  • Micro-organisms like fungi, bacteria and viruses as essential part of life based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.

Admission Requirements

This course is open to Integrated Master’s Degree Program students.


A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Degree Credits

This course awards 5 ECTS credits which can be applied towards the Integrated Master’s Degree Program.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • Course Certificate