Integrated Master’s Degree (Program)

Master Root-Cause Health Coaching based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.

Our Integrated Master’s degree is a four year program which combines undergraduate (3-year B.A.) and postgraduate (1-year M.A.) study into a single degree path with students achieving competence in root-cause based health coaching and Lifestyle Medicine skills, techniques and protocols.

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The Integrated Master’s degree program has been especially designed for health professionals wanting to master practical and evidence-based skills in Health Coaching, become a specialist in bio-psycho-social Root-Cause Analysis; master Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, transformational Health Coaching techniques & protocols and develop effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® habit change strategies to coach and guide clients towards health, longevity and peak performance.

Students are poised to succeed in a variety of settings including private practices, in health and wellness centers, clinics; and corporate programs and in partnership with local doctors; or careers in industry or academia.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Health Coach Graduates

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

The Integrated Master’s Degree in Health Coaching degree program includes undergraduate and post graduate course work and an in-depth practicum focused on integrating Lifestyle Medicine and Root-Cause Health Coaching skills learned in real-life settings.

Upon completion of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Health Coaching, graduates will be able to:

  • Acquire skills in the use of language, listening and presence as a way to help clients develop awareness and understanding of their own goals, values, and motivations, and action plans to bring about behavioral change.
  • Demonstrate practical and evidence-based coaching skills needed to facilitate sustainable behavioral changes in clients.
  • Feel confident working with clients based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and Art and Science of Self-Healing principles.
  • Show masterful competence in using Lifestyle Prescriptions® and Root-Cause Health Coaching skills, techniques and protocols.
  • Develop skills to accurately review and evaluate research literature from the field of health and wellness coaching for application to coaching practice.
  • Integrate an understanding of conventional and complimentary health perspectives to develop a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness in a variety of settings.

Admission Requirements

LPU is committed to making education accessible to all. LPU’s intention is to attract students (18 years of age and above) with a passion to help, inspire and coach people from all walks of life.

To be considered for admission to the Integrated M.A. degree program applicants must complete the online admissions applications form and submit the following documentation:

  • Copy of a government-issued ID
  • Resume or CV
  • Three (3) professional references with contact information.
  • Official high school transcripts or equivalent
  • Transfer of credits course transcripts reflecting all course credits earned
  • Schedule and complete a live video interview with LPU staff.
  • A non-refundable application fee of US-$197

The application is valid for 60 days from the time of acceptance. If the student does not enroll within 60 days, an update of the application will be required.

Credit & Work Experience Transfers

Students may apply credits towards the Integrated Master’s degree program:

  • Maximum of 75% of course credits accepted
  • With less than 50% credits for prior learning experience and/or credit by examination

There is a one-time credit transfer submission fee of US-$97 and a Prior Learning Assessment fee per credit of US-$10.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University reserves the right to accept or reject academic credits submitted for transfer if they do not match the course requirements. Students may be required to complete the equivalent Lifestyle Prescriptions® University course final exam to show competency.

If a transfer of credit is denied the student may appeal in writing to the program director with reasons why course credit should be granted.

Graduation Requirements

The Integrated Master’s Degree in Health Coaching degree is conferred upon candidates who have completed all required academic and graduation requirements and satisfied all financial obligations.

To graduate, students must have successfully completed these requirements

  • A minimum of 240 ECTS credit hours
  • A grade point average 50% and higher
  • A maximum of six years for completion of all coursework
  • Pass a comprehensive final examination covering all coursework

Talk to your admissions advisor to get started.

Clinical Training & Practicum

The Integrated Master’s Degree Program includes an extensive practicum which promotes the application and utilization of Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine knowledge, techniques & skills with clients.

The capstone research project completes the degree program and allows students to identify an existing problem in a real-world setting and apply the learned skills and methods to develop a solution that addresses the problem directly.

Start the enrollment application process and learn about our Integrated Master’s Degree Program, tuition and previous study and work experience credits including financial aid, sponsorship and payment options.

Welcome to your Integrated Master’s Degree Program!

Congratulations! You’re going to earn your degree and master Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, Root-Cause Health Analysis & Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine protocols. Enjoy. 😊

Please read the study path instructions below carefully.

Before you dive into your course self-study we suggest to complete the following important setup steps.

Click each link (a new tab will open). Complete the step, return to this page and click the next link.

  1. Update all your profile fields, profile & cover image.
  2. Post a welcome message to our community.
  3. Select and commit to your personal weekly study habit.
  4. Learn how to navigate the Student Portal
  5. READ the below study path and timeline carefully. After you know the “big picture” we suggest is to take small micro-steps and focus on one course at a time (completing lessons, topics & quizzes in order).

Questions? Send a private message.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is unique because we believe that Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching skills, as exclusively taught at LPU, are absolutely essential to radically improve your knowledge, skills & client health outcomes.

FIRST, start with your Master’s Degree Self-Study Courses and complete lessons, topics & quizzes on your own time:

  • 101 LPHC-SUCCES University Success Skills
  • 102 LPHC-LIMED1 Lifestyle Medicine I – The Science ❤
  • 103 LPHC-HCCCOM Health Coaching Core Competencies
  • 104 LPHC-SELFHE The Art and Science of Self-Healing ❤
  • 105 LPHC-ROOTA1 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process I ❤
  • 106 LPHC-OMBAN1 Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts) ❤
  • 107 LPHC-QHABIT Quantum Habits for Peak Performance ❤

Second, after you’ve completed the above courses contact us to discuss the next steps including practicums.

  • IMPORTANT: Use study groups to post questions & comments (which is an essential part of learning).

Because every student starts at a different level you may request a:

  • Course Competency Review: If you have completed an M.A. degree previously or if you have completed one or more M.A. courses in the past (at another university or school) and you can demonstrate competency in knowledge & skills then you may request a competency review.
  • Once approved you can complete only the final course exam to show competency without the need to complete all course lessons & assignments.
  • Request a Competency Review

❤ Courses are mandatory and must be completed even with maximum course credits applied.

After you’ve completed the M.A. Self-Study Courses 101-111 you’re prepared and ready to join the PRACTICUM 1- LIVE CLASSES.

The 2 Live Class Practicums include:

  1. PRAC1-RCA – Root-Cause Analysis & Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy (3-Months | 12 Live Classes)
  2. PRAC1-LPHC – Root-Cause Health Coaching Techniques & Skills (3-Months | 12 Live Classes)

We suggest to take the classes in order.

Schedule your PRACTICUM 1 Live Class Intensives here!

If you believe you’re ready to attend the live classes before you’ve completing the courses 101-111 send us a short email with the proposed Practicum ID, date and why you feel you’re ready for the practicum.

Excellent. At this point you’ve taken already huge steps forward. You’ve completed the self-study courses & practicum 101-112.

Now, you deepen your skills with these advanced specialist courses:

  • 201 LPHCS-OMBAN2 Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy II (Directory) ❤
  • 202 LPHCS-LPMENT Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy for Mental & Behavioral Health
  • 203 LPHCS-FITWEL Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
  • 204 LPHCS-NUT101 Nutrition 101 Fundamentals
  • 205 LPHCS-LIMED2 Lifestyle Medicine II – Food, Exercise, Stress, Sleep ❤
  • 206 LPHCS-LPAUTO Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Autoimmune Disorders
  • 207 LPHCS-FMLABS Functional Medicine Lab & Analysis

Courses are mandatory and need to be completed (even with maximum credits being applied).

Excellent. After completing the self-study courses & practicum 101-207 you’re ready for the Advanced Specialist Practicum II Live Classes:

  1. PRAC2-OMBA – Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, Auto-Immune, Cancer, Behaviors (3-Months | 12 Live Classes)
  2. PRAC2-PROT – Lifestyle Medicine and Advanced Root-Cause Health Coaching Protocols (3-Months | 12 Live Classes)

Schedule your PRACTICUM 2 Live Class Intensives here!

If you believe you’re ready to attend the live classes before you’ve completing the courses 101-207 send us a short email with the proposed Practicum ID, date and a reason why you believe you’re ready.

Now we’re talking. 👍 The majority of course work is done.

What’s remaining are some elective courses and your Master’s Research Capstone project (to achieve a total of 240 ECTS points).

  • 301 MA-OMBAN3 Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy III (Master’s)
  • 302 MA-MICROB Microbiome, Microbes & Immunity
  • 303 MA-LIMED3 Lifestyle Medicine III: Remedies & Protocols ❤
  • 304 MA-PRACT3 Master’s Health Coaching Practicum III
  • 305 MA-RESEAR Research Methodologies
  • 306 MA-CAPSTO Master’s Thesis Capstone Project

Please schedule an M.A. Review to discuss your elective courses, Master’s Research & Capstone paper.

At this point we suggest to submit your M.A. Capstone Research Topic now:

  • Your proposed M.A. research topic
  • 3 topics possible which we’ll help you refine
  • Be specific. 200 words max.

LPU faculty and mentors will always be available for you if questions arise.

  1. Before you ponder and “torture your mind” we suggest to send us an email or post in the study group. In most cases we can provide guidance and help you move forward quickly.
  2. Your Master’s Pre-Study & Practicum will be supported by our LPU Faculty, Live Class Teachers and Mentors.
  3. Our dissertation committee chair Professor Catherine Alter Ph.D. will coach and guide you throughout the research and capstone thesis writing process.

Catherine’s bio includes: 40 year academic career; Director of the Iowa School of Social Work (16 years); Dean and Professor of the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver (11 years); editorial Board Member, Consulting Editor, and Reviewer for nine academic journals; published 4 books, 10 chapters and over 40 peer reviewed academic journal articles.

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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