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The most important skills in the 21st century are well-being and purpose in life. These skills will pull all other skills you may need to develop during your life. Explore the art and science of Life Purpose & Wellness. Take charge of your health and well-being by discovering your life purpose.

A life with a purpose is the core motivation which inspires and guides us through life. Pursuing one’s purpose is associated with psychological well-being. Individuals with a sense of purpose report they are happier, more satisfied with their lives, and more hopeful about the future. Knowing your purpose is also associated with improved physical health, including lower stress hormone levels, improved cardiovascular and metabolic markers, reduced pain, a regression in some cancers, and longevity.

Investigate the 10 Rules and Principles of Life Purpose to deepen meaning-making, support authenticity, and encourage living more purposefully. Drawing from disciplines as diverse as coaching, literature, philosophy, spirituality, and positive psychology, create and utilize tools that promote wellbeing. Highly interactive course employs creative expression, mindfulness practices, after class homeworks.as well as cultivates competencies in living in beautiful states, motivation, resilience, meaning making and having a sense of a larger purpose.

Live Course Dates

  • Starting on 08.08.2021
    10 Weeks Course
    Every Sunday 12pm EST | 5pm UK | 7pm TRT
    90 Minutes Zoom Classes


  • Week 1: Definitions of Life Purpose
  • Week 2: 10 Steps to Life Purpose
  • Week 3: Life Purpose & Wellness
  • Week 4: Life Purpose & Emotions
  • Week 5: Patterns in life, Synchronicities
  • Week 6: Dr. Grave’s Spiral Dynamics and Life Purpose
  • Week 7: Life Cycle Assessment
  • Week 8: Beliefs, Values and Purpose
  • Week 9: Recognition of S.E.E’s and How to Eliminate
  • Week 10: Ego vs Soul – Integration Week

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the 10 Rules & Principles of Purposeful Living
  • Understand that having a purpose in life improves overall well-being
  • Identify your personal limiting beliefs and negative S.E.E’s
  • Define your beliefs, values and passions
  • Awareness around World needs and purposeful contribution


  • Follow daily inspirations on Instagram
  • Attend 3 Online 90 Min Workshops with 3 International Trainers
  • Attend 90 Days Online MANA Coaching


A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Course Facilitator

Yeliz Ruzgar is a Holistic Life Consultant, Inspiring Speaker, Consciousness Researcher and a Caring Leader as well as over a decade trainer in the field of holistic life. Yeliz has learned from the best in the field of Psychology, NLP, and Leadership. She is co-trained with Anthony Robbins, Dr. Richard Bandler, Tad James, Dr. Kushi, Dr. Deepek Chopra and many more. You have seen her at the same summit as many world-wide known doctors and integrative health experts who combine West Medicine and Eastern Healing Techniques.

Yeliz’s programs empower people to create a lifestyle that supports their core purpose. She provides both effective tools and the direct experience to create lasting motivational change. She provides insight in conventional and unconventional ways that enable people to gain mastery in their personal and professional lives. She designs individual and group programs to maximize human potential, to attain and sustain optimal performance through balanced living. One of her biggest passions is ‘Soul Power (Mana) & Purpose’.

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 11 Lessons
  • Course Certificate