LPHC Practicum I (RCA)

Deepen root-cause analysis and health coaching skills in real-life health settings with clients.

In the PRAC1-RCA Live Classes students will practice Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis (PRAC1-RCA) and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™.

In the PRAC1-RCA live classes students will discover how to find the 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting over 1,000 organ tissue symptom; and where clients are in the healing process (timeline and the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing).

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

The Root-Cause Analysis Practicum is focused on the Root-Cause Analysis Process which is based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy. After completion of the PRAC1-RCA students will be able to use these skills with clients in the following ways:

  • Use the Lifestyle Prescriptions® 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process with clients
  • Understand how to use the Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy charts
  • Elicit stress triggers, emotions, beliefs of over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions
  • Spot the 9 major points and phases of self-healing
  • Using existing health coaching modalities and skills with Root-Cause Analysis
  • Integrate the Art and Science of Self-Healing principles into their practice

LPU faculty members supported by student mentors will teach the live classes, monitor, and supervise students and help them achieve competency.


Before students may register for PRAC1-RCA the following courses must have been completed:

  • 104 LPHC-SELFHE – The Art and Science of Self-Healing
  • 105 LPHC-ROOTA1 – 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process I
  • 106 LPHC-OMBAN1 – Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts)

Class Times

The 3-Month Root-Cause Analysis (PRAC1-RCA) Intensive details are:

  • Schedules: March 15 – ​June 15 | Sept. ​1​5 – ​Dec. ​15
  • Live Classes: Weekly Wednesday 18 – 20 UK and Sundays 18 – 20 UK (Time zone converter)
    Watch out for summer/wintertime changes at the end of March and early November.
  • Client Cases: Practice with co-students or your clients
  • Location: Online via Zoom (watch out for an email invite with the Zoom link)
  • The 3-Month PRAC1-RCA practicum can be repeated once.

Graduation Requirements

Students will demonstrate competency in Root-Cause Analysis skills by completing the following:

  • Attend all live classes and client case practice sessions
  • Submit 5 high-quality client cases (using the 10-Steps Root-Cause Analysis format)
  • 1 Root-Cause Analysis Live Client Demos (20 min. each) with 20 min. supervision feedback

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate