LPHC Practicum I (LPHC)

Deepen root-cause analysis and health coaching skills in real-life health settings with clients.

In the PRAC1-LPHC Live Classes students will deepen their Root-Cause Analysis, Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ skills and practice effective, evidence-based Root-Cause Health Coaching Techniques & Skills.

Experiencing habit transformations personally and using the protocols with clients will build confidence and allow students to achieve competence in Root-Cause Health Analysis & Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

PRAC1-LPHC: Root-Cause Health Coaching Intensive

In the second practicum (PRAC1-LPHC) students will deepen evidence and root-cause based Health Coaching and Auto-Regulation Techniques & Protocols to:

  • Release unresolved emotional hurts
  • Reset and decode sensory stress triggers
  • Establish empowering beliefs
  • Increase resilience, love & support
  • Create healthy mind-body habits and vitality

PRAC1-LPHC Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

The Root-Cause Health Coaching (PRAC1-LPHC) Intensive is focusing on LPHC techniques & protocols aimed at helping clients in their transformation and auto-regulation process. The following techniques & protocols will be practiced and competency will be achieved:

  • Precision EFT: Releasing unresolved emotional hurts (advanced root-cause tapping)
  • Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique: Decoding stress triggers, habits & behaviors (limbic system and eye-pattern based)
  • Belief Change: Aligning beliefs & values with 4-questions reframing, values elicitation & alignment, and life goal-setting skills
  • Biological Conflict Resolutions: Manifesting real-life solutions with Biological Conflict Resolution Techniques and Habit Change Skills
  • Lifestyle Habits: A science-based and common-sense approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management
  • Quantum Energy Healing: Learning mindfulness, breathing, and energy healing techniques for yourself and your clients
  • Write Lifestyle Prescriptions®: Micro-habit strategies for healthy living

LPU faculty members supported by student mentors will teach the live classes, monitor, and supervise students and help them achieve competency.

PRAC1-LPHC Requirements

Before students may register for PRAC1-LPHC the following courses must have been completed:


  • 104 LPHC-SELFHE – The Art and Science of Self-Healing
  • 105 LPHC-ROOTA1 – 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process I
  • 106 LPHC-OMBAN1 – Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts)
  • Plus PRAC1-RCA Practicum


  • 107 LPHC-QHABIT – Quantum Habits for Peak Performance
  • 109 LPHC-ENEPSY – Energy Psychology Precision EFT I
  • 110 LPHC-EMOBEL – Emotion, Belief, Values, Energy Health Coaching
  • 111 LPHC-QNBTE – Quantum-Neuro-Biology Techniques
    Followed by the PRAC1-LPHC live class practicum

PRAC1-LPHC Class Times

The 3-Month (PRAC1-LPHC) Intensive details are:

  • Schedules: March 15 – ​June 15 | Sept. ​1​5 – ​Dec. ​15
  • Live Classes: Weekly Thursdays 18-20 UK and Sundays 18-20 UK (Time zone converter)
    Watch out for summer/winter time changes at the end of March and early November.

  • Client Cases: Practice with co-students or your clients
  • Location: Online via Zoom (watch out for an email invite with the Zoom link)
  • The 3-Month Practicum PRAC1-LPHC can be repeated once.

PRAC1-LPHC Graduation Requirements

Students will demonstrate competency in Root-Cause Health Coaching skills by completing the following:

  • Attend all live classes and client case practice sessions
  • Submit 5 high-quality client cases (using the 10-Steps Root-Cause Analysis with health outcomes)
  • 1 LPHC Health Coaching Live Client Demos (20 min. each) with 20 min. supervision feedback

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

+104 enrolled
Not Enrolled

Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate