303 | MA-LIMED3

Lifestyle Medicine III: Remedies & Protocols

Evidence-based natural remedies and protocols to support client's auto-regulation and homeostasis.

Modern natural medicine has been practice by health care providers for decades and the importance of minerals, vitamins, herbs and other natural remedies are able to improve immunity and organ functions is well established.

This course will help students understand the key principles of how remedies and Lifestyle Medicine protocols can be used to support the body’s natural auto-regulation response.

Students will explore effective natural remedies and innovative strategies to balance the Autonomic Nervous System (sympathetic vs. parasympathetic dominance) using easy-to-integrate nutrition and lifestyle protocols.

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

Course lessons have been designed to help students achieve the learning outcomes including:

  • Study Nature’s Pharmacy and hundreds of evidence-based remedies
  • Side effect of common medications and how to counter the depletion of nutrients by using herbs
  • How to integrate advanced Lifestyle Medicine protocols based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and Two-Phases of Auto-regulation (ANS)

Admission Requirements

This course is open to Integrated Master’s Degree Program students.


A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Degree Credits

This course awards 5 ECTS credits which can be applied towards the Integrated Master’s Degree Program.

Tuition & Financial Aid

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Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • Course Certificate