Alumni Graduates Center

Meeting and support area for all LPU graduates with tips, guidelines, directory and discussion group access.


Welcome to the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Alumni Graduates Center

Continuous education and supporting each other are essential for growing our LPU graduates community. After successful completion of a certificate or degree program, graduates will get access to the Alumni Center with access to training lessons and topics including:

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® 1-Minute Explanations
  • Write Client Lifestyle Prescriptions® – Online & Print
  • Alumni Graduates Discussion Group
  • Research References
  • Your LPHC Directory Listing
  • Books and Documentary Film – Share!
  • Marketing, Legal & Ethics
  • Logos, Banners, Text Copy & More
  • Continuous Education
  • Quiz: The Body-Mind-Social Connection
  • Upcoming Alumni Events

Check each course lesson for text books or study instructions.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons