Transferring previous professional education credits and experience will save you time and money and allow you to earn your degrees with more ease.

At LPU we believe that you’re previous professional studies and experience is highly valuable and you desire to earn credit. We’re committed to helping you earn credits for your professional knowledge & skills and apply it towards your certificate programs.

As an adult learner and someone with years of practice and experience as a health professional, you’ll bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the university and we want to honor it. If you’ve previously attended college, have relevant credentials and life experience or have served in the military or other government or non-profit organizations you may be able to transfer credit.

Start your application and a trained faculty assessors and subject matter experts will review your application and guide you to maximize your tuition & study time savings.

Students may earn transfer credits for previous education, training, work or life experience to Lifestyle Prescriptions® University. Courses or degrees completed at other institutions must satisfy the subject matter and curriculum requirements to those offered in the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University program for which an applicant has applied.

The following previously earned credit transfer options are available:

  • Previously earned credits from another post-secondary accredited educational institution;
  • Credit by examination including Advanced Placement Examinations, University Level Examination Program General Examinations (CLEP) and ACT PEP: Regents University Examinations.
  • Credit for professional training programs (based upon evaluation)
  • Prior learning assessment (PLA) which allows students to gain credits for informal, independent study, work experience, non-credit courses and other life experiences.
  • Military training and education which is applicable to a diploma or degree program will be accepted for a credit transfer.

Student must request transfer of credits in writing to the administrative office. Refer to the Master’s and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree pages for details on the maximum number of credit transfers possible.

It is important to note, that acceptance of transfer credits between institutions lies within the discretion of the receiving University or university. Credits earned at other institutions may or may not be accepted by Lifestyle Prescriptions® University.

Likewise Lifestyle Prescriptions® University cannot guarantee transferability of LPU credits to another institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.

Students planning to study at another university after completing the LPU program are advised to check the transferability of credits policy with that gaining institution.