Earn Your NBHWC Certificate, Master’s or Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine

No matter if you work in health care, wellness, or fitness and want to go to the next level or if you’ve decided to start a new career, we have solutions for you. Explore our program options. We are confident you’ll love what you see. Our certificate & degree programs are available for US, EU, and International students through long-distance online learning with extensive competence-based practicum components.


Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate (LPHC + NBHWC)

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate Training (LPHC) is a stand-alone 9-month training or is included in the Integrated Master’s Degree Program (Year 1). Graduates will earn the LPHC designation and may sit for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC) exam.


Based on Lifestyle Medicine, the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™, students will become experts in finding the 6 Root-Cause(s) of 1,000+ symptoms and integrate evidence-based and highly effective Lifestyle Prescription® Root-Cause Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols to help clients auto-regulate and thrive.

3-Step Root-Cause Health Coaching Process

Students learn a proven root-cause-based health coaching process consisting of:

1) Root-Cause Analysis (Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy)

Discover how to find the 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting your client’s specific symptom; and where you are in the self-healing process (timeline and the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing).

2) Root-Cause Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols

Use our root-cause-based and highly effective Health Coaching and Self-Healing Techniques & Protocols to:

  • Release unresolved emotional hurts
  • Reset and decode sensory stress triggers
  • Establish empowering beliefs
  • Increase love & support and create healthy habits
  • Increase body-mind strength and vitality

3) Writing Root-Cause, Organ-Tissue Specific Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Engage, increase awareness, and help your clients create new healthy lifestyle habits by writing SMART, personalized and root-cause-based Lifestyle Prescriptions® based on the science of micro-habit change and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.

Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts & Posters

Our exquisite high-quality printed Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Reference Charts & Posters, which will arrive via priority mail, include 5 posters, 13 charts, and Lifestyle Prescription® pads. Use the charts to easily find the root-cause psychosocial stressors, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000+ symptoms and 150 organ tissues – just by asking a few questions. Our graduates absolutely love these charts as a tool to educate, empower and inspire clients and provide a scientific basis for their work.

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

The curriculum and learning outcomes include:

LEVEL #1: Root-Cause Analysis

By completing the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Training, students become experts in the Art and Science of Self-Healing, feel confident using the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process to find and create awareness of the WHY (6 Root-causes) and HOW (timeline) of symptoms. Students learn how to:

  • Integrate the Art and Science of Self-Healing principles into their practice
  • Know Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
  • Apply the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process with clients
  • Elicit stress triggers, emotions, beliefs of over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions
  • Spot the 9 major points and phases of self-healing
  • Use the invaluable Organ-Mind-Brain Reference Charts

LEVEL #2: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Techniques & Protocols

Students will deepen their Root-Cause Analysis and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy skills and learn evidence-based Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols (addressing all 6 Root-Causes) including how to write SMART, root-cause-based, and organ-tissue-specific Lifestyle Prescription® Health Plans. Students will add these skills to your toolbox:

  • Decoding Stress Triggers
    Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique: Decode stress triggers, habits & behaviors (limbic system and eye-pattern based)
  • Releasing Unresolved Emotions
    Precision EFT: Release unresolved emotional hurts (an advanced root-cause based tapping technique)
  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs
    Belief Change: Align beliefs & values with 4-questions reframing, values elicitation & alignment, and life goal-setting skills
  • Encouraging Real-Life, Social Solutions
    Biological Conflict Resolutions: Manifest real-life solutions with Biological Conflict Resolution Techniques and Habit Change Skills
  • Anchoring Healthy Lifestyle Habits
    Lifestyle Habit Protocols: A science-based and common-sense approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management
  • Vitalizing Organs
    Quantum Energy Healing: Learn mindfulness, breathing, and energy healing techniques for yourself and your clients
  • Plus Empowering Micro-Habit Strategies
    Writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®: Using the power of root-cause-based “healthy” prescriptions to establish new habits to eat better, stress less, exercise smarter, and love more.

LEVEL #3: Business Success, Practice & Certification Modules

Automate your workflow, use proven strategies to attract new clients, and build a successful & sustainable practice. In Level 3 we’ll also complete your certification through extensive practice, client cases and organ chart study, in-class supervision, and personal support.

  • Discover your niche/market
  • Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, Worksheets, Personalized website page, Facebook setup
  • Write blog articles and reach 35,000 readers
  • LPTV practitioner directory business listing (get clients)
  • Automated booking system, Lead generation strategies

The practice, supervision & certification segments include:

  • Two 3-Months Intensive Practicums to integrate the skills learned
  • Weekly Live Classes to practice
  • Faculty, Graduate & Co-Student support.
  • Demos, quizzes, live analysis sessions with supervision
  • Preparation for certification

Integrative Master’s Degree in Health Coaching (M.A.)

You will earn your Master’s Degree in Health Coaching and achieve competence in Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching skills, techniques, and protocols through our integrated degree program which combines undergraduate (B.A.) and postgraduate (M.A.) study into a single program.


Our integrated Master’s degree is a three-year program that combines undergraduate (2-year B.A. Bachelor) and postgraduate (1-year M.A. Master) study into a single degree path with students achieving competence in Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine skills, techniques, and protocols.


The Integrated Master’s degree program has been specially designed for health professionals wanting to master practical and evidence-based skills in Health Coaching, become a specialist in bio-psycho-social Root-Cause Analysis; master Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy, transformational Health Coaching techniques & protocols, and develop effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® habit change strategies to coach and guide clients towards health, longevity and peak performance.

Students are poised to succeed in a variety of settings including private practices, health and wellness centers, clinics; and corporate programs and in partnership with local doctors; or develop careers in industry or academia.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Health Coaching, graduates will be able to:

  • Express skill in the use of language, listening, and presence as a way to help clients develop awareness and understanding of their own goals, values, and motivations and develop action plans to bring about behavioral change.
  • Demonstrate the practical and evidence-based coaching skills needed to facilitate sustainable behavioral changes in clients.
  • Feel confident working with clients based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and Art and Science of Self-Healing principles.
  • Show masterful competence in using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching skills, techniques, and protocols.
  • Develop skills to accurately review and evaluate research literature from the fields of Lifestyle Medicine and Health/Wellness Coaching.
  • Integrate an understanding of conventional and complementary health perspectives to partner with other health professionals and be able to work in a variety of professional settings.

Graduation Requirements

The Integrated Master’s Degree in Health Coaching is conferred upon candidates who have completed all required academic and graduation requirements and satisfied all financial obligations.

To graduate, students must have successfully completed these requirements:

  • A minimum of 240 ECTS credit hours
  • A grade point average of 50% and higher
  • Complete a capstone research paper
  • A maximum of six years for completion of all coursework
  • Pass comprehensive final course examination

Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine

Set yourself apart and achieve something significant. Earn your credentials, competence, and credibility and become a leader in this fast-growing field and succeed with your Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Lifestyle Medicine.


As an earned research degree, students studying for a Ph.D. degree are required to produce original research that expands their knowledge in Lifestyle Medicine field through a dissertation and defend their work in front of experts in the field.

The program is geared toward practicing health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, nurses, medical doctors, and other traditional and complementary healthcare professionals wanting to earn an advanced award.

The Ph.D. Doctorate Degree program has been specially designed for working health professionals wanting to demonstrate leadership and expertise in their area of work and make contributions to the development of Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

The award requires both evidence of competency in Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and Root-Cause Health Coaching at an advanced practical level; significant research and the completion of a dissertation to demonstrate that the student has created new knowledge through the findings of their original research, by applying a theory in a way that hasn’t been done before or using a new method or a pre-existing method in a new way.

After completion of the Ph.D., graduates will be well equipped to start high-paying employment, be self-employed, or start a career as a university professor, researcher, or scientist in a variety of settings.


Ph.D. students are required to complete a practicum and write a dissertation that significantly advances their knowledge in the field. The specific Root-Cause Health Coaching or Lifestyle Medicine-related topic of the dissertation is chosen by the student in consultation with the professor.

The student’s professional doctorate dissertation must focus on applying research to practical problems, formulating solutions to complex issues, and designing effective professional practices within the fields of Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

The Dissertation Process

The student is required to identify a real-world problem within the fields of Health Care, Health Coaching, and Lifestyle Medicine and research it thoroughly with the intent of uncovering new understandings that can eventually lead to new solutions. Completing the study takes multiple steps, which may include:

  • Creating a proposal that describes the problem student wants to solve, the design of the study, and the methodology used.
  • Orally defending the proposal to the committee.
  • Collecting data, researching, and writing findings.
  • The final step is orally defending the findings to the committee.

The dissertation must demonstrate an understanding of the theory, content, and methods in that topic area and must conform to internationally accepted university guidelines and standards.

Graduation Requirements

The Ph.D. Doctorate of Lifestyle Medicine degree is conferred upon candidates who have completed all required academic and graduation requirements and satisfied all financial obligations. To graduate, students must have successfully completed these requirements to be eligible for graduation:

  • Complete all coursework with a grade point of 70% and higher.
  • Show competency in Lifestyle Medicine practical skills
  • Submit and defend an acceptable dissertation
  • A maximum of five years for completion of all coursework and dissertation.