Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine are centered around habit change which inherently requires a practical and pragmatic approach.

We strongly believe in excellence through long-distance and competency-based learning with a focus on practicing and integrating skills through online and off-live practicums. We also believe that our students need to be the center of attention and not institutionalized, linear-means-to-an-end, academia. Through our multi-dimensional, integrative approach we guide our student to achieve mastery and competency in Root-Cause Health Coaching at the highest possible level.

At Lifestyle Prescriptions® University we do everything possible to remove obstacles that would make it unnecessarily difficult for students to fully focus on their studies and the qualifications and competencies needed to earn the degree and master the skills. The key benefits of online studying from wherever you are, whenever you can and competency-based learning are:

  • Extensive savings in tuition, housing, living and travel expenses (no on-campus residency required)
  • Extensive time savings (you decide how fast you complete a course)
  • Focus on competency and real-world skills (you are rewarded for excellence not time studied)

No on-campus residence or classroom attendance is required which means extensive savings in tuition, housing, living and travel expenses.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University with all its courses and programs are exclusively taught via long-distance and may be completed through focused, directed self-study programs under the faculty’s supervision. All courses can be accessed by a smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere around the world using a standard internet connection and any internet browser.

Our virtual learning center and student portal has been built using cutting-edge software and has been designed for ease of study considering our modern, mobile and busy lifestyle; allowing especially adult students to study wherever they are and whenever they can.

Mobile Micro-Content Learning

At Lifestyle Prescriptions® University we focus on mobile, micro-content learning with extensive skills practice for real-life application. All courses and programs may include a combination of videos, books, charts, diagrams, quizzes, assignments, essays, practicum and other engaging and interactive activities to enhance learning and applying skills in a variety of professional health coaching settings.

Instructions may occur synchronously or asynchronously, but all LPU courses can be accessed asynchronously (student and instructor do not have to be present at the same time).

All course materials including live class recordings may be accessed and completed by students at their own convenience. This eliminates time zone issues and allows for flexible and high quality learning.

Competency-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that is focused on demonstrating mastery and competency instead of time spent studying.

Students can progress through courses as soon as they can prove they’ve mastered the material, rather than advancing only when the term or semester ends. That way, students are motivated to spend more time learning and practicing competency skills including leaning on previous studies and experience to complete a course.

It differs from other non-related approaches by focusing on student’s needs, picking them up where they are right now, and guiding them to where they need to go.

In general, learners work on one competency at a time, which is likely a small component of a larger learning goal and then move on to other, more complex competencies after they have mastered the current skill being learnt.

Competency-based training programs seek to reward students for their knowledge while helping to ensure they gain real-world skills they can immediately use in a work environment

Naturally, to ensure achievement of the course outcomes competency-based education is uses vigorous testing methods like skills evaluation during courses and a proctored or closed-book final course exam.

We believe in making it easy for students to achieve excellence and that’s why we use a non-term, competency based 24/7 learning format.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University uses a non-term, competency-based format, with courses running continuously, rather than in terms or semesters. Our long-distance courses and programs are accessible 24/7 online through self-study and flexible practicum segments or live classes with the one-on-one support of our excellent faculty members and teachers.

Typically, students take one course at a time and move on to the next one without a break.

We don’t believe in expensive text books or courses considering that information is a commodity and can be accessed by anyone all the time. That’s exactly why we focus on competency and integration of skills.

At Lifestyle Prescriptions® University we are proud to offer open educational resources (OER) for many of our academic programs. Open educational resources include digital textbooks, websites, interactive exercises, library and other resources that have been embedded in courses.

They are accessible to all students who take the course at no additional cost.

We’ve decided to replace nearly all textbooks with no-cost digital resources. Instead of having to buy expensive textbooks, you’ll use our high quality, customized materials which you can download and take with you.

Using OER resources translates into big savings in tuition and time and makes learning easier and improves the educational experience. Research has shown that students learn better when they’re able to access all of their study materials directly inside their online courses; hence we’ve removed the traditional barrier that expensive textbooks can present.