The Lifestyle Prescriptions University is the world’s only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School and the first university exclusively focused on certificate training programs in root-cause based Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine through its innovative and high quality global long-distance programs.

Make a difference. Join our global health professional community and help us establish Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching as a premium part of a modern health care system.

To excel in Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine education and help inspire a new health paradigm based on prevention, health coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is an innovative global institution dedicated to preparing students academically and professionally to become leaders in Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine through a competency-based, comprehensive, and professional education in root-cause based Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine,
  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® University aims to inspire, empower, and prepare health professionals to play a vital role in health care and build successful practices.
  • Our passionate faculty members are committed to helping students achieve their goals, live their passion, and enable them to make a difference in their career and life.

Through evidence-based and innovative long-distance training programs using a real-world and competency-based education format, we strive to empower our students to succeed.

We aim to educate graduates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Use their knowledge and skills to positively impact their profession, communities, and society.
  • Be a beacon of light in their community and live by what they practice and teach.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.
  • Be successful in operating their own practice or in partnership with other health professionals.
  • Achieve excellence in root-cause based health coaching and Lifestyle Medicine principles, skills, techniques and protocols.
  • Practice ethical and legal integrity in their professional work.
  • Integrity
    We value caring, honesty, and ethical decision-making.
  • Community
    Our strength, passion, and commitment to our students is based on the knowing that we, as individuals, are deeply connected to our planet, community, tribe, and family.
  • Professionalism
    We encourage respect for others, accountability to all stakeholders, and responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Life-Long Learning
    We provide purposeful and engaging learning opportunities that promote a love of lifelong learning and excellence.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions University founder Johannes R. Fisslinger has been a pioneer in the integrative health for over 35 years. Some of his achievements are:

+ Certified as an Energy Medicine & Psychology Practitioner
+ Certified NLP, Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner & Trainer
+ Biofeedback Imaging Technology Developer
Founder National Yoga Month Awareness Campaign and National Observance September (USA)
+ Heal Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign (and research)
+ Director/Producer of the documentary films ‘Titans of Yoga’ and ‘Lifestyle Medicine
+ Producer Lifestyle Medicine Summits & Conferences
+ Author of 5 books incl. “The 6 Root-Causes Of All Symptoms”
+ Researching and teaching the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy since 1994

Lifestyle Prescriptions University History

  • 2013 Incorporated in Hawaii
  • 2013 Teaching Lifestyle Prescriptions® to health professionals
  • 2013 Started teaching the annual Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training (250 hours)
  • 2015 Moving LPU to Wyoming
  • 2016 Started teaching the annual Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist Certification Training (500 hours)
  • 2020 Expanding training opportunities (details to be announced soon)