The World's Only Training School offering certificates in root-cause based Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine
It's never been easier for you to earn the credentials and career you deserve.

Why Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is the first university exclusively dedicated to certificate programs in root-cause based Health Coaching, Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions® habit change techniques. Through our comprehensive competency-based long-distance learning approach we’re preparing students academically and professionally for a successful career.

Why Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching

The newest evidence-based research in Lifestyle Medicine shows that up to 80% of chronic, non-communicable symptoms can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle modifications (nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management and social support).

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching goes even further.

Our graduates use our exclusive 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis process to elicit the specific stressors, emotions, beliefs, social & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms; and they use root-case based Lifestyle Prescription® Techniques & Protocols to stimulate auto-regulation and self-healing.

Request instant access to our Lifestyle Prescriptions® 101 Video Training Course and watch the “Lifestyle Medicine” documentary film.

Be The Best, By Learning From The Best

Be inspired by our world-class faculty and special event teachers and renowned experts in Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Methods. They ensure that our passionate global community is committed to life-long learning, personal transformation and building successful careers.


The Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is approved and accredited by the following international organizations (with additional accreditations to be announced soon):

Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation - Non-profit organization to accredit Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches and Specialists worldwide

International Institute of Complementary Therapists - Approved as a recognized training provider

CPD Standards - Continuous Education Accreditation Organization UK

3 Key Reasons To Earn Your Credentials With Us

At Lifestyle Prescriptions® University we make it ‘easy and doable‘ for you to turn your passion into a career you’ll love.

Study Anytime. Anywhere.


Our curriculum and study tracks have been designed with you and your busy lifestyle in mind. Study part-time or full-time from anywhere around the world and use an engaging and mobile centered approach to get the credentials you deserve.

Results & Practice Driven


Our courses and training programs focus on evidence and root-cause based knowledge, skills and experiences to help you be confident and competent and become a renowned leader in Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Innovative & Affordable


You’ll benefit from our innovative and progressive curriculum based on US standards, small class sizes, personalized student support, and a dedicated faculty all provided for an affordable tuition. It’s easy to earn your credentials with Lifestyle Prescriptions University.

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Reinventing Higher Education

Go beyond attending one course or training after the other. Start earning real credentials and skills. At Lifestyle Prescriptions University you can build a fulfilling career without insane student dept or boring, overwhelming and theoretical courses. We focus on micro-learning and real-life skills to ensure you succeed.

It is a well-known fact that health professionals with credentials earn much higher income and become well-known experts, authors and community leaders. Don’t settle for less. Ask us how to earn your certificate!

Certificates & Credentials

Study with leading experts in earn your Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine credentials.

Practice & Skills

Our courses teach you techniques, protocols & skills you need to help clients and build a successful practice.

Prosperous Careers

Build a career you’ll love. Earn income and build a successful practice while you study.


We break down our courses into small, bite-sized chunks for you. Watch videos, listen to audios, read text books and learn whenever you’ve got idle time like in the subway, while driving, jogging or cooking a healthy meal for you and your family.

Each lesson is easy to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is extremely high.

Research shows that the completion rate is dramatically higher with micro-learning which means earning your credentials is within your reach.

Did you know ...

… that everything we do is aiming to help you take your career to the next level, making you more marketable to employers or setting you up for your own widely successful practice.

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Want to learn about Lifestyle Medicine? Watch the documentary film!