Spontaneous remission is described as the unexpected cure or improvement from a disease that normally progresses, and the term is commonly used for unexpected improvements in someone suffering from cancer.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC, interviewed over 170 people around the world who had experienced spontaneous remission, which had baffled the physicians they had been under the care of. His research into these people enabled him to uncover four things they all had in common, which he then called the “4 Pillars of Health,” and his findings are applicable where EFT tapping is concerned.

  1. The first common trait these people had was a belief that there was a higher force or intelligence that was looking after them. Some of these people didn’t believe in God but everyone asked this higher force to assist them, and seriously connecting with this higher force or intelligence and engaging it in their healing was the first step they took. Where tapping is concerned, tap through those times in your life when you didn’t feel, or thought you didn’t feel this presence.
  2. The second common trait among the members of the spontaneous remission group was to acknowledge that their own internal environment was solely responsible for their illness – in other words, they stopped blaming things and people around them and took responsibility for changing their own, internal toxic environment. This part is tricky for a lot of people, given the guilt associated with blame. Tapping on the phrase, “Even though I feel guilty because I did this to myself” will help out greatly.
  3. The third common trait is that these people then spent hours rehearsing their new internal reality, and this is particularly effective because our minds don’t differentiate between imagination and reality, as has been proven over and over with brain scans of athletes whose brain’s same neurons involved with an activity fired, whether they were only imagining it or were actually doing that activity. Spending time tapping on the external situations that rattle you will make you less and less activated and triggered.
  4. The fourth common trait is that the people in this group made healing and this process their Number One priority, which included stopping hours of watching TV and letting go of relationships that didn’t serve them. Tapping on the fears that will inevitably come with changing one’s habits will enable you to better focus on what needs to be done.



Written by Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank, both of whom are META-Health practitioners, and international Master EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainers/Practitioners.