Goals vs. Habits? And the winner is … ?

I've lived in California for 20 years and have heard about a thousand times motivational and goal setting advice like this: "You can do it if you just put your mind to it." "Yes you can!" "Set clear goals in your life and they will manifest." [...]

Do you have a lack of motivation to change your unhealthy habits?

I am sure it has happened to you many times ... You've tried to improve a habit without success. You wanted to change a behavior and somehow it did not work out. You tried to eat healthier, add an empowering morning ritual, start yoga, practice [...]

Clinton, Eastwood and the Father of Lifestyle Medicine

When I met Dean Ornish for the first time, he was honored at our foundation's fundraising event together with Eckhart Tolle and Christiane Northrup MD for his achievements in medicine. Around that time I remember receiving a letter from Clint Eastwood with a donation and [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Inspirational short-film launched before Lifestyle Medicine Summit June 1-7, 2017

London, May 17, 2017 --- Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia and other chronic symptoms are affecting over 50% of the world's population. In the US alone 130 million people are affected by chronic illness and health professionals and patients alike are asking if there are [...]

Is Lifestyle Medicine the only way to save you and health care? [Video]

It's no coincidence, right! Because just when the first Lifestyle Medicine Summit - a free global online event - is being launched June 1-7, 2017 we see a major rise in news coverage about the potential of Lifestyle Medicine not just for our personal health but [...]

Why pain can be a gift

A META-Health™ Perspective and a Lifestyle Prescription™ As a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Provider I frequently see clients who have muscular-skeletal pain. Most of us have direct experience of physical pain, and whilst it can create absolute agony, in this article my intention is to share with [...]

  • Traumas, Traumatic Events and Sperm

How traumas are passed on to future generation in SPERM!

When I read this first I thought "NO", really? Traumatic events are being passed on in sperm to next generations. But this is exactly what researchers at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich found. They have come closer to understanding how the effects of [...]

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Center Integrative Medicine META-Health Certification Training

Expanding Healthcare with Lifestyle Medicine

Over the years, many research studies have reported the benefits of lifestyle interventions, while some others, concluding lifestyle medicine as the answer to treating various health problems. Slowly but surely, Lifestyle Medicine has found its way into the U.S. health care model, which has declared [...]